Hello! Here at Fiction Reborn, we write stories because we believe that in every story there are shards of truth that connect with desires written into the spirit of mankind. Stories speak to us at a deep, spiritual level, whether we intend them to do so or not, because we are part of a story. We are part of God’s story. Finding our place in that story is the single most important thing we will ever do in our life, because all true life comes out of it. So we write, and we do it through fiction, because imagination is built into who we are.

On this website you can expect to find regular musings on identity, the nature of truth, and how story can help people to discover their God-given destiny. On the site menu, you can find a list of the books published by Fiction Reborn and links to where to get them, as well as semi-regular updates on the book(s) that are in progress. Otherwise, just enjoy the blog posts page, populated with what will likely always be some combination of literary and philosophical thoughts and stories. You may also find recommendations for websites or resources to help people on their spiritual life journeys, because we are not just physical beings, and we can’t separate our physical experiences from our spiritual realities.

If you wish to contact us, feel free to do so, and we’ll do our best to stay in touch with anyone who wishes to connect, because God built us for connections. It’s the most exciting part of life.