At Long Last


Hello everyone!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted any updates, and I thought it might help you all to know why. The answer is simple, really—we had a baby!—and if any of you knows what that’s like, you understand why blogging took a major backseat. It’s unfortunate that I had to stop posting so quickly after Adam’s Reign was released, but now, 8 months after my beautiful baby girl was born, I feel God leading me to spend a little time sharing with the world the grace that He is sharing with me.

So, although I’d love to gush about how wonderful our baby is and share pictures of her amazing face, the world is full of creeps (though God does love them too), and you’ll have to settle for limited details about my own journey instead—however much less interesting it may prove to be. Suffice it to say that the newest member of the Macnab clan (we will call her Snow—her middle name) is by far the most intriguing of the bunch—next to my wife, of course.

I can tell you that the most amazing thing I have ever experienced since meeting Jesus and finding my lovely wife is encountering this sweet little soul. She has more joy in her little finger (which really gets busy when in close proximity to any moveable object) than anyone I’ve ever met, and she shows it with constant, unabashed grins. Noticeably lacking is the ever-present “fear of man” that causes the boldest of us to freeze in the face of opportunity and to hold back from revealing our true selves. Guarding ourselves emotionally is a learned trait—and one that Jesus doesn’t appear to have shared, at that, since He constantly allowed those closest to Him to betray Him.

She sees a world she’s never known and gives it the attention that it warrants, as though it really was a marvelous masterpiece created with awe-inspiring power. She looks at people with wide-eyed wonder, as though they were actually the immortal creatures created in the image of the most majestic being in the universe and worthy of the sacrifice of His own life…as the Bible says they are. She stands at the edge of a life with limitless potential, unaware that the world and Satan will try to destroy her and that God will strive to win her heart and take her on a path of untold purpose, joy, and sacrifice.

As her father, I feel the weight of understanding that the way she sees the world and the God who made her will be largely shaped by how I treat her and what she sees in my eyes. I and her mother can be the greatest helps or hindrances in her life, and that burden pushes me to my knees in need, asking for the God of the universe to use His strength to overcome my weakness and set her on a right path. Only by His grace is a life well-lived. That I know too well.

So, I look ahead to a journey full of the greatest joys and difficulties we have yet encountered, challenged but comforted by the constant presence of a faithful God, and I commit to continuing to write as able because He has given me the gift and the responsibility to do so. You all will see some posts (and some books!) coming your way as I’m able to bring them to the table, and I hope that they bless your soul in some way, that you meet with God and are changed by the meeting, however I may fail to fully share with you what He has given me. Adam’s Reign audiobook is still in progress, as is the next book in the series and some entirely different novels as well (I can’t seem to stay quite on one track, as the light bulbs keep flickering in different directions. Creativity knows no bounds.)

Be blessed, today!

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