Spiritual Help

Peace With God — If life has brought you low and you need peace, or if you want to see what Jesus is all about and how you and God can build a relationship together, visit He is ready to help all of us if we will trust Him!

Help With Life Questions — If you have questions, are struggling to make sense of life, or want help with your spiritual journey, you can visit the Search For Jesus  “I Have a Question” page to submit a question or comment, and one of their caring chaplains will prayerfully consider your question and begin praying for you and guiding you.

Core Christianity — If you need help with biblical answers to some of life’s difficult questions, you can call 1-833-843-2673.

Free Books and Audiobooks

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Homeschool Resources

Exodus This is a gateway to all sorts of resources that will help parents give their children the worldview-forming education that they need in a world that will gladly try to do the same with its values.