For all of those who enjoyed Adam’s Reign or anyone looking to check it out, I’m delighted to announce that production of an audio-book version is underway! After seeing just how wide an audience the book touched with its portrayal of real characters living out real spiritual struggles, I was prompted to get this into a format that everyone can access, since many people either don’t like to read print anymore, struggle with it, or don’t have time(for those of us who work hard to make a living).

This version of the book should be developed over the next few months and be released this year on most audio-book platforms, being included in Audible and I-tunes’ libraries as well, through partnership with Findaway Voices. If any of you want to test it out for free and then review the audio story on your favorite store site, just let me know by commenting below or by email at Be blessed!


  1. I would very much be interested in hearing the audiobook version of this book. I listen while I work and this would be great. I’m always looking for a new Christian fiction book.


  2. Thank you, Micah! This is still in progress, though it certainly should be done by now. I apologize, but it should come out in the future. I may end up having to release it along with the second book and the audiobook that goes with that, rather than doing it separately as I originally intended, which is why things are taking longer than anticipated. I also love audiobooks, and understand the need for it due to time constraints on reading physical books. Be blessed, sir!


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